Carle At The Fields Meeting Update

Posted on 7/13/2016 by Oksana Whitsitt

The Carle development seems to be very far along, but so far it looks like they're doing a very nice job of planning. The city planning team has implemented pretty strict guidelines for the entire Curtis Interchange development, and Carle will be the first developer to follow them. The development is on the NW quadrant of the interchange and is almost 100 acres in size (5x the size of Village at the Crossing). The first phase will include adding the streets, required improvements, retention ponds, and the admin building that will have up to 1200 employees.

Click the image to the left to see a full screen picture of the proposed development with the future phases.

The admin building will have a small cafe primarily for employees, but the plans also include commercial development that will probably include smaller restaurants and other retail. There will be no gas stations, big box stores, etc. as the zoning will not allow it.

One concern that has been raised is lighting, and apparently the entire Curtis master plan requires dark sky lighting. This is the only area of Champaign that currently requires this type of lighting and will be very good for the neighborhood and the environment. 

There will be a pedestrian and bike crossing over I-57 just to the North of the interchange, and will connect the future development of the NE quadrant. This bridge will not be constructed until there is a final agreement with the developer of the NE quadrant.

There will be no tax incentives provided to Carle by the City, but I've read separately on their site they will be petitioning for tax-exempt status for parts of the building that are medical related. Overall, however, it should be a net revenue generator since many of their leased offices are currently in Urbana or Savoy.

We raised the concern about drainage, and the City staff indicated by state law all this development requires infrastructure to ensure there is no additional load on our drainage system. They plan to have oversized retention ponds to ensure drainage will not be a problem.

The city council will be voting on the annexation agreement in August, and Carle would begin construction in the fall. It sounds like the facility will be ready for employees to begin moving into the office in 2017.


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