Granite like counter top

Posted on 11/11/2015 by Oksana Whitsitt in painting design custom cost effective

GIANI granite- to paint or not to paint? That is the question!

I always wanted to experiment with my bathroom outdated counter tops. They were in great condition but screaming Boring and Old! So, being on a really tight budget I had to come with an alternative approach to replacing with granite stone. After digging around the internet for quiet some time I stumbled across Of course, being skeptical at first I finally decided to give it a try in my kids bathroom. Worst case scenario we would have to replace a smallest counter top possible. 

The kit includes everything you need for the project and with a little artistic vision you can create a one of a kind custom design. I even added a few ( ok, more than a few ) sparkles for my daughter. It takes two days to finish a project due to the steps and drying time required. I did it 18 months ago and it still holding up very well. I just reapplied the top coat to restore the shininess but other than that I didn't have any trouble with the paint. 

I used the same color kit for our master bathroom but I got absolutely different look. You can play around with color application and even take it further by creating a stone like looking veins going through the counter top. 

And, the best part the cost for two bathroom counter tops was under $200. Being a Realtor I most definitely recommend this product to everyone but especially to the homeowners putting their houses for sale. It's a quick, budget friendly and up to date fix for your home. 


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