Update your old cabinets with a fresh coat of paint

Posted on 11/12/2015 by Oksana Whitsitt in design custom painting update

If you're as tired of your outdated looking cabinets as me than keep reading....

I'm all about creative and cost effective approach to remodeling and updating things. My credo is Re-build, re-paint, re-purpose! So, when it comes to giving a new fresh look to the cabinets I don't just replace them with an expensive brand new ones, I restore the glory of the existing ones. Unless, the shape and condition of the existing cabinets requires a total demolition and replacement ( that can happen ) I see no point of getting rid of a good quality cabinets just because they don't look good. 

You'll be surprised what a brush and a can of paint can do. Nowadays, there're tons of  paint manufactured specifically for the cabinet make over. I prefer the ones which don't require sanding prior to painting. Been there, done that! No more! 

My first choice for a quality cabinet paint is www.   What I like about it? It really gives you a custom look not just a fresh coat of paint. You need to have a little painting skills to achieve a professional and chic look. What is so special about this paint? First of all, NO SANDING REQUIRED, no more mess and ours of stripping an old stain from your cabinets for hours. Instead use the included in the kit special solution to wash your cabinets. Of course there might be a slight sanding required to even the surface out before painting. The kit includes a step by step directions to follow for a great and satisfying result.  My favorite part is applying the decorative glaze over the paint color of your choice. It brings it to the whole new level of a unique, custom look since there're so many different techniques of application the glaze. 

The color I used for my bathroom cabinets is cocoa dark kit. I love it! And, the paint smelled like chocolate when I opened the can, how cool is that! 

It's a wonderful and budget friendly way of updating your kitchen, bathroom cabinets. Give it a try or give me a call and I'll do it for you! 

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