Cherry Hills Champaign

My Neighborhood - Cherry Hills

I've lived in the Cherry Hills subdivision for nearly 10 years, and absolutely love it. We're close to dining, great schools, night life, the Curtis Interchange, and surrounded by beautiful homes and great neighbors. It's also the largest subdivision in Champaign with nearly 650 homes. 

I spend lots of time marketing to this neighborhood and want to be the realtor of choice for all of my neighbors. This section of my site includes information gathered for my neighbors in Cherry Hills, but it should be useful to anyone in the area.

Real Estate Data for Cherry Hills - I monitor listings and sales in Cherry Hills very closely, and look for buyers' trends that are important to getting your home sold. I've compiled some historical data on sales in Cherry Hills to provide insight on property values.

Curtis Road Interchange Development - The Curtis Road interchange provides great access and was a major investment by our city. The hundreds of acres around this interchange are now being developed and could have a significant impact on our home values and quality of life. It's important that we all monitor the development of this land and lobby for high standards so the final development can improve our quality of life and home values. 

Cherry Hills Homeowners Association Questions - I often get questions from neighbors about issues that should be directed to the HOA. This section includes some links to information and provides a way for you to submit questions for the HOA board.

Recommended Contractors - I've compiled a list of contractors and service providers that I've either worked with personally, or have been recommended. Some of these recommendations come directly from conversations with neighbors on the website. 

Cherry Hills News Archive - My newsletters are available online in this section.