Cherry Hills Champaign

Some Recommended Contractors

I’m often looking for a contractor or getting questions from clients about my recommendations. There have been some great discussions in the Cherry Hills section of with recommendations from neighbors that have had work done. I’ve been compiling some of that data, and you can find recommendations from your neighbors below.


Evan Garner from Centennial Park recommends J&K Painting | (217)355-0520 |

Chet Cobb from Will's Trace recommends Wayland Interior Finishing | Kenneth Pride - (217)493-9478 |

Cindy Hinton from Ironwood recommends A to Z Painting | 217-621-8738

Maureen Beyt from Turnberry Ridge recommends Tony Wright | 372-6314

Sharon Johnson from Turnberry Ridge recommends Laurie Cooper of LBC Services at | 217-637-2270.

Warren Johnson from Lincolnshire Fields recommends Joe Miles | 637-9666

Nancy McCowen from Lincolnshire Fields recommends Romine Painting |

Shelli Moore from Trails of Chestnut Grove recommends It is Paramount Painting |Chris Sturner | 217-530-1086.

Mary Bird from Timberline & Westlake Sub recommends Tom Farrar Painting |352-5924 or home 377-6608

Linda Tortorelli from Cherry Hills recommends Lisa Gustaffson for indoor | 217.778-9507 and Cory Ronk for the outdoor painting |217.721.0626. 


Tree Removal Service - we're losing lots of Ash Trees this year :-(  

Dean Henson from Rolling Acres recommends Dustin Reifsteck | 217-202-6136

Fred Dundore from Cherry Hills recommends Travis Rasmussen from Gifford | 217-778-6431.

Kellie Mook from Lincolnshire Fields recommends Klismith Tree Service - Keith Klismith | (217) 418-9896. 

Barbie Sebens from Cherry Hills recommends Prairieview landscaping  |355-9422

Trish Wilkinson from Cherry Hills recommends Andy Shafe | (217) 417-1474.


General Contractors / Decks

Thomaz London from Cherry Hills recommends Ryan Taber | (217) 317-9140 general contractor from CU area or Colby Geiser 309-275-5121 specialist in drywall and painting from Bloomington.

Natalie Hanson from Prairie Fields recommends Jacobs Construction | (217) 493-7626

Thomaz London from Cherry Hills recommends Ryan with T&G construction | (217) 317-9140

Carolyn Maille-Petersen from Cherry Hills recommends Josh DeYoung |586-6094


Mulch Delivery

Susan Michaels from Cherry Hills recommends Order from the landscape recycling center in Urbana, and have Steve Royal deliver it for you. Same rate - you can get 6 cu yards at a time.  You can reach Steve at 217-246-2423 or

Linda Tortorelli from Cherry Hills recommends Ludwig Bros - $35 a yard - 3 yard minimum plus delivery charge - or $75 a yard installed. High quality mulch - and good service


Roof Replacement

Kimberly Skelton from Cherry Hills recommends Dillman brothers with | 217 344 8290 Dillmans number

Toni Ford from Cherry Hills recommends Bash Pepper roofing

Dean Hale from Cherry Hills recommends Mark Ried (

Cleaning Services

Jason Thomas from Prairie Fields owns Proedge Cleaning Services

Debbie Abel from Rolling Acres owns a cleaning business | 217-398-6433.

Beth Young from Cherry Hills 15 recommends A&J Cleaning | 217-202-6100


Power Wash 

Kathryn Hires from Cherry Hills recommends House Wash | 328-2400

Oksana Whitsitt from Cherry Hills recommends Window Genie | Craig Walters office:217.239.6645, cell:765.637.8777



Carolyn Maille-Petersen from Cherry Hills recommends Rick Colbert | 398-1179

Ben Newell from Cherry Hills recommends Quality Plumbing | 328-5081

Warner Plumbing (217) 649-8886


Staging Your Home

When you select a realtor to help you get your home sold, wouldn't you like to have someone with an eye for design and appreciation for budget? I'm happy to provide you with a no obligation comparative market analysis and design tips that will help you get your home sold. Contact me today to get started!