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Curtis Road Interchange Updates

The Curtis Road interchange provides great access and was a major investment by our city. The hundreds of acres around this interchange are now being developed and could have a significant impact on our home values and quality of life. It's important that we all monitor the development of this land and lobby for high standards so the final development can improve our quality of life and home values. There are also a couple of other parcels described below that the neighborhood should keep an eye on.


Planning Meeting Details

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Important Links Regarding Curtis Road and Other Development Plans

City of Champaign Curtis Interchange Master Plan - This is the City's official website for development plans.

City of Champaign 2013 Comprehensive Plan Annual Report - Provides an update on progress towards implementation of the comprehensive plan (PDF)

SW Champaign Development PlanThe city development plan include details for our neighborhood. Click the image below to see an important excerpt from these plans.

Undeveloped Land Near Cherry Hills Subdivision

There are a couple of large parcels that will be developed in the future. One is currently zoned CN* (NE corner of Curtis and Duncan) and the other (Duncan between Curtis and Wedgewood) is technically outside of the City of Champaign. As planning begins for these areas we need to ensure that we lobby as a group for value added development.

* CN Zoning: Provides for the development of convenience shopping and personal service needs of surrounding residential neighborhoods. This is a low intensity shopping district (up to 10 acres). Big box retailers, gas stations, etc. are restricted from this district.

Zoning map for Cherry Hills


















Carle, developers move forward with west Champaign plans

Staging Your Home

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