A few projects to showcase what custom painting and design can look like.

It's amazing how many clients I speak with that don't begin to update their home until they get ready to sell it. Not only does this mean you're doing all the work for someone else to enjoy, it adds stress to an already challenging process of finding a buyer. I encourage people to try and make small updates every year so they can enjoy the work they do and make it easier on themselves when it comes time to sell.

Some project can be pretty costly (like installing hardwood floors or finishing a basement), but there are a lot of things you can do that give your home a fresh look. My portfolio below includes a few examples, such as:

  • Updating that contractor mirror - most homes built 10 - 20 years ago had plain unfinished mirrors (contractor mirrors) in the bathrooms. You can update that look very simply by attaching a frame that will make it look custom. If you do this in a way that ties into the decor of your bathroom, the result will be a very custom look that buyers love.
  • Putting a faux finish on counter tops - Almond colored cultured marble was apparently all the rage in the 90's, because I see it over and over in homes. They can be a high quality product, but definitely give your home an out of date look. There are a variety of faux finishes you can use to transform them into a custom look that matches your new updated design.
  • Refinishing cabinets - You might be surprised how easy it is to update the look of your cabinets in your bathroom or even your kitchen. You don't need to strip them down to bare wood to get a decent looking finish. My projects below range from minor transformation to a complete overhaul in the kitchen.

If you don't have much experience, start small and learn as you go. A small bathroom is a great place to get started and as you build confidence you can move onto your master suite or if you're brave even the kitchen.

"Leave it better than you found it." ~ Robert Baden-Powell

Examples of My Work

Staging Your Home

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